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PARAISO DE ALCUDIA has installed a new air conditioning system for the upcoming 2018 season, based in geothermal energy.

But what does this mean?
It is based in the principle of using the underground water for climatization purposes, basically by creating a set of wells which will allow the using the sea water and returning it after it has served its purpose.

During the process, the underground water (seawater in this case) is pushed through a titanium filter and is then returned to the earth with minimal thermal impact (within a range of 5°C of its original temperature) and no change in its chemical composition.

The system of wells built for the system, it is possible to discard excess water to the ground with no environmental impact.

Apart from this, the rest of the installation is pretty much the same as a normal air-conditioning installation, working with a closed water circuit.

The geothermal system installed in the hotel has a thermal efficiency of up to double the old system based on electricity, thus reducing by 50% the hotel’s energy consumption used for climatization.

The system will also help reduce the usage of fossil fuels used in the heating and pre-heating of the water used in the hotel.

The new installation helps us reduce the environmental impact and CO2 emissions whilst also improving in the financial side of the operations.

Why do we invest in this?
The new installation represents a unique opportunity for PARAISO DE ALCUDIA to further increase its efforts towards sustainability in line with its environmental policy.

And because we truly love our planet, we try to constantly improve how things are done.

We are already thinking towards the future, and in 2020, we plan on installing a system which will allow us to reuse the heat generated by our AC units into heating the water, further reducing our energy consumption and thus, our C02 footprint.

Another step towards the goal of sustainability.

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